Earn SayKah Medallion Status

Unleash your potential with the SayKah Medallion Program.

Earn SeyKah to ascend through Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond tiers. Silver ignites your journey with curated books and expert stories. Gold unlocks our exclusive nation and book clubs. Platinum grants access to pre-recorded masterclasses and strategic investments. Diamond offers live virtual classes and in-person masterminds. It's more than finance - it's the key to your self actualization.

Silver Medallion: 500 SayKah coins

Discover a Unified Vision - Understand the World and Your Place in It

  • Finurah Wealth Book List: Curated selections to enhance your financial knowledge.
  • SayKah Stories: Exclusive pre-recorded content featuring insights from established business leaders

Gold Medallion: 2,000 SayKah coins

Elevate Your Skills - Learn and Grow Individually and Collectively

  • Join the SayKah Nation: Connect and network with like-minded achievers.
  • Monthly Book Club: Engage in enriching discussions and expand your literary horizons.

Platinum Medallion: 3,500 SayKah coins

Master Proven Strategies - Enhance Your Knowledge, Skills, and Wealth

  • Access Pre-recorded Master Classes: Learn from the best with on-demand expert-led sessions.
  • Unlock Investment Club Plan: Gain exclusive access to strategic investment opportunities.

Diamond Medallion: 5,000 SayKah coins

Achieve Self-Actualization - Align Personal and Collective Interests for Ultimate Success.

  • Live Virtual Master Classes: Interact with top experts in real-time for unparalleled learning.
  • In-Person Masterminds: Participate in elite gatherings and discussions to share insights and build powerful connections.

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